Timber Online Education

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Why is wood important?

Learn about the profound social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits associated with timber buildings and construction.


Some example courses include:

ENVIRONMENT | Forest Certification and Sustainability
JOBS + ECONOMY | Jobs Creation and Skills Training
SOCIO-CULTURAL | Affordable Housing with Wood


How do we build with wood?

The construction industry has a diverse lineup involved in every project – architects, engineers, building owners, developers, contractors, and more. Learn about every step needed for the creation of a timber building, from forest to frame. 


Some example courses include:

ARCHITECTURE | Design Principles of Mass Timber
ENGINEERING | Structural Design and Optimization
DEVELOPMENT | Costing Estimation and Pricing
CONSTRUCTION | Integrated Project Delivery



What types of timber products exist?

Meet the timber alphabet: CLT, DLT, EWP, HDO, LSL, LVL, MDO, NLT, OSB, PSL, SCL… Learn about what goes into the manufacturing and fabrication of the wood and forest products we use today.


Some example courses include:

INTRODUCTION | Characteristics of Wood
FABRICATION | Pre-Fabrication Systems
MATERIALS | Adhesives and Preservatives


How is timber safe, resilient and versatile?

Learn more about the industry's rigorous standards for safety, performance and sustainability, examples of timber building codes from around the world, and what considerations must be made when working with wood.


Some example courses include:

PUBLIC POLICY |Forestry Policies and Code
BUILDING CODES | International Perspective
WORKING WITH CODE | Structural Code Compliance